"What Shawn & Robert create is beyond just a gift. They translate your love for someone into a permanent etching into their heart."

Barbara Lopez, Client

The Poetry Box is no longer offering Custom Artistic Poetry Services.
Please enjoy viewing our past work in the Sample Portfolio below.

A small sampling of our past custom poetry projects...

We were thrilled to help a family surprise their parents with a very special anniversary gift. Sixty Years of Marriage celebrated among family and friends ... and not a dry eye in the house!

How do you celebrate your first year of wedded bliss? This bride couldn't wait to give her groom this very special gift....so much so that she gave it to him two days early. Learning of their courtship and weaving their story into a custom poem and then marrying it to one of the grooms favorite photos was truly an honor, helping them celebrate a very special milestone in both their lives.

Russo Poem

Lopez Poem

They met on the Sacramento River and it was love at first sight. Six months later they were married. We had the honor to help them celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary by presenting this "Our Love is A River" poem among family and friends.

Barbara and her sister wanted to do something extra special for their mother's 70th birthday. She's an amazing woman whose given so much to so many through her life. This poem was written to highlight the hearts she's touched through the years and ended up touching her heart deeply upon receiving this very personal gift from her daughters.

Lopez Poem

Wedding Poem

This poem was created especially as a Wedding Gift for a young couple. We incorporated the theme of their wedding, and decor of their reception which was centered around clocks, by taking a picture of an heirloom pocket watch and setting the hands of the watch to the date of their wedding.


Nothing quite compares to the beauty of motherhood and the wonderful feelings of joy, hope, and anticipation that come while waiting for a child to be born. This sample illustrates both that beauty and anticipation. It would make the perfect baby shower gift or pre-Mother's Day Gift. You can even give a gift certificate for the Mother-to-Be to come in an have her own professional pregnancy portrait taken and a custom poem created just for her, reflecting her own feelings of "anxiously awaiting".

maternity pic and poem

Infinity Poem

This poem was created especially for a client as a 20th Anniversary Gift for his wife. Not only were we able to create a poem to tell their story, but also incorporate their favorite family photo and Disneyland Silhouettes of their children to create a truly sentimental and special gift.

How do you say Happy Birthday to your wonderful wife? With a poem, of course. One of the most rewarding moments of this project was seeing the look on the husband's face when I handed him the framed piece. His eyes lit up with excitement and he couldn't believe how we actually took the time to remove all the tourists in the background of his favorite family vacation photo and how wonderfully the words were laced into the photo to display his love for his wife.

Yours Poem

To Katrijn Poem

This poem was created especially for a client as an Anniversary Gift for his wife. He wanted a poem that told their story but in a simple and elegant way, so he chose a simple parchment paper background on which to present his special gift.

So many of us have been affected by Breast Cancer, either personally or someone we love. This poem was written (and published in Survivors Review, Spring 2011) as a tribute to the women who've had the courage to make painful decisions in order to survive and who continue to be an inspiration to women everywhere by continuing to celebrate life and all it means to be a woman.

Pink Ribbons Poem

Wedding Poem

My daughter has always been a huge supporter and advocate of "To Write Love on Her Arms" which is an organization devoted to preventing teen suicide and the practice of 'cutting'. In February 2011, we had the privelage of creating a special piece for a gallery show sponsored by the VOX in Sacramento to help raise funds for this worthwhile charity. The image used as a backdrop for the poem was actually taken 15 years ago of a beautiful model who had a history of self mutilation and cutting in her dark past. The honesty of the photograph speaks volumes and the result was a work of art that touched everyone that viewed it.

Written a few years after my Grandma passed away, this poem was a special gift to my father. It was inspired by the wonderful memories I had visiting her as a child and the photographs in a scrapbook my Aunt had given me for Christmas a few years ago. We used some of my favorite photos and built a very special backdrop for the poem to reside.

Grandma Kathryn Poem

framed poem Uncle Denny

The story of long lost uncle who was loved by many in so many ways ... even if he didn't realize it.

"You're ability to capture the special moments in Katrijn and my life in a poem is extraordinary. We have framed your work and displayed it in our home as a reminder of the special moments we've shared. Thank you. "

Don Yoakum, Client
(for a poem written for his wife)

"Thank you Shawn for the AMAZING job you did with the words and picture that will last a lifetime. The gift touched my husbands heart more than I ever imagined..Thank YOU!!! "

Heather Goutermont-Russo, Client
(First Year Anniversary Gift for her husband )

" ‎Heather, My sweetie... I am at a loss for word to express how your present made me feel. All I could do was cry knowing how you feel about me and the poem expresses it better than any way I ever could."

Charles M. Russo, Recipient
(First Year Anniversary Gift from his wife)

" ‎When my mother was turning the big 7-0 this year, my sister and I knew we wanted to gift her something not only unique, but also something that symbolized how we feel about her being such an important part of our lives. Enter Shawn! Shawn understood that she wasn't just "mom" to us, and with her amazing talent for words fueled by feeling, she weaved together the most beautiful poem. Along with a photo of my sister and I with our mother, she turned it into a stunning piece of art. When my mother opened her gift and read the poem out loud at her birthday celebration, there was not a single dry eye in the room. It was exactly WHO my mother is, and why she means so much to us. Words that my sister and I could never formulate on our own. What Shawn creates is beyond just a gift. She translates your love for someone into a permanent etching into their heart. "

Barbara Lopez, Client
(Special Birthday Gift for her mom)

"I must admit for the most part, I have thought Poetry eh, nice for chicks...what ever. Well, I was really moved by what you wrote - wow, no joke, it moved me - yesterday was a deeply emotional day for me ( feelin a little low) and after I read what you wrote, I just felt a little life beam back in - my soul did a little leap thingy....so I'm saying you have a GIFT - thanks for making a difference in my life."

Jim Pelley
CEO Laughterworks, Folsom

"Kevin and Gracie opened their gifts on Monday night and they absolutely loved your poem for them! Very nice! "

Jeni Bitnoff
Mother of the Groom

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